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Our Vision & Values

My vision is a public education system that caters to the needs and well-being of students. If it takes a village to raise a child, our communities need to integrate with our education system to help improve education for our future generations.

My values include integrity, accountability, inclusiveness, fiscal responsibility, all dimensions of well-being and responsiveness. I believe every student deserves to feel welcome at school. Each child deserves a safe space to explore, learn, and build vital life skills. Our classrooms need to adapt to diversity. Our teachers also need adaptive resources to help them better support students.

Mental Health

With the pandemic dominating conversations about K-12 education with new regulations such as the masking policy, other areas of student well-being have fallen to the wayside. With anxious students returning to classes, students need resources to feel supported. Teachers and staff are also grappling with how to best support their students. It is crucial that we facilitate dialogue between students, families, and teachers to identify issues and find solutions together. “Emerging research suggests rates of anxiety and depression among Canadian youth climbed during the pandemic, prompting some advocates to warn of a mounting mental health crisis.”

Lack of Community Engagement

The Calgary Board of Education has implemented a few community engagement initiatives since 2013. However, 2019-2020 only had two engagement initiatives despite many parents and other stakeholders showing interest in the consultation process. The overwhelming willingness to get involved with board decisions was demonstrated with high participation levels in the last engagement initiative of the 2020-21 CBE Transportation Budget & Services Engagement project (please see report link below). The survey was only open from March 4, 2020 until March 18, 2020 but had feedback from 10 000 participants! The willingness to participate in CBE surveys is tremendous. However, with limited opportunities to engage with the public school board’s projects, the CBE is disregarding the immense potential for growth, perspectives, and improved service delivery.

About Malik Ashraf

Malik Ashraf is a dedicated community leader passionate about youth and development in Calgary. His campaign for improvements to the Calgary Board of Education focuses on practical leadership with transparency (especially as it pertains to financial transparency), expanding student services, and meaningful diversity.

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